You’re an action taker. You’re determined to create the happy, successful  life you dream about.

Let me guess – you’ve been wanting to create a successful online business for a while now. You have a dream to be able to do work you really love and make a great living doing it.

You’ve done lots of research; read articles and blogs, watched endless Youtube videos and followed what all the successful online entrepreneurs are doing.

You’ve even tried a few courses but the problem is you’ve ended up in a tangled mess, don’t know what to do next and are definitely ready to throw it all in.


 Hi, I’m Kerry Lang

I’m a dedicated personal and business coach who works with motivated women who want more freedom and choice in their lives and who’d love to be doing work they’re passionate about. I  help you get clear about exactly how you’d like your life to be and then together we map out a plan for you to create a life you love.  I believe it is possible to make money doing work you love while at the same time living a  life you love.

My mission is to inspire, motivate and empower you to do just that.


My Journey Here

 When I first decided I wanted to build an online business it was all about the freedom for me. At the time I was working as a real estate sales consultant and although I loved working with people and the money was good I didn’t like the long hours. It required me to work almost all weekend which was exactly when my family had time at home and  I wanted to be able to spend more time with them.

And so began my search to work out how to actually build a business online.

But let me tell you it’s not a pretty story …..


When you read it you’ll understand why  I can feel your frustration because I spent years trying to work out the ‘secret formula’.

I sat at my computer night after night, after night,  often til the early hours ….

I was simply  trying to tie all the technical bits together and kept getting more and more  exhausted and overwhelmed.

There were so many times I thought about throwing in the towel (or throwing my computer out the window).

But I had a dream …..I had the fire of determination in my belly …… and I was prepared to do whatever it took to create a successful business and a life I loved.

All I needed was someone to show me the steps I needed to take and in what order, and who was prepared to answer questions if I got stuck.

And then after endless hours of trial, error, heartache and tears (and more tears)  ……..I finally found a mentor who truly helped me work it out.

I can’t tell you how great it felt to finally climb out from under the avalanche of technical overwhelm and begin making daily progress.

Woohoo, at last I was headed in the right direction.

Don’t you wish someone would help you unravel the mess and give you a clear step by step plan to follow with no steps missing?

Let’s face it until now you’ve been trying a bunch of different methods often cutting and pasting ideas from various ‘experts’. You’ve worked on hundreds of ideas one after another and all that’s happened is that you’ve ended up spinning in ever decreasing circles.

I love that you’re not a quitter and you’ve had the determination to keep going, but what you’re currently doing clearly isn’t working.


My Mission

 I’m absolutely committed to helping inspired, determined women create the freedom they  long for and deserve.

 With my practical tips and a dedicated action plan I’ll walk you through the simple steps you need to take to build a business you love without the frustration and technical overwhelm. 

And if you get stuck I’ll be there to answer your questions. 

So, why not get started today by grabbing  a copy of my FREE 7 Simple Steps Guide?  Simply enter your name and email below for instant access.

I can’t wait to support and guide you on your exciting journey to success.